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Ergonomically shaped hand ascender for a comfortable ascent on the rope. The curved design increases comfort and reduces friction in the system. A large eyelet allows several carabiners to be attached; a smaller eyelet slightly higher is ideal for setting up a directional anchor. Besides, the secondary hand can comfortably grasp the HAND CRUISER at the top during ascent.


  • For 8.0–13.0 mm diameter kernmantle ropes
  • Right-hand/ left-hand version in different colors for easy identification
  • Cams for optimal grip on iced or muddy ropes
  • The upper part of the ascender can be grasped with the other hand for two-handed ascents



55,00 € Įprastinė kaina
33,00 €Pardavimo kaina
    • Approved rope diameter: 8-13 mm
    • Certification : EN 12841-B, EN 567
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