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Edelrid Nineteen G

The Edelrid Nineteen G Set is by far the lightest quickdraw around. It is less than half the weight of the classic Outside bestseller, the Wild Country Wild Wire Quickdraw, and will significantly reduce the weight of any rack. Ideal for alpine climbing, long trad routes, huge big wall racks (or budget airline baggage allowances) where every gram counts.


  • Weight: 46g (10cm quickdraw) / 49g (18cm quickdraw)
  • The very lightest quickdraws available
  • Ultra-light Nineteen G carabiners
  • Ultra-strong 11mm Dyneema quickdraw sling
  • Lightweight wire gates reduce whip-lash effect on the gate in a fall

Edelrid Nineteen G

22,00 € Įprastinė kaina
11,00 €Pardavimo kaina