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but it never added to text editor with summan or summanpdf apps.. the first time is the last time... i need to save these files... to every single.ppd or.pdf file i need to save them to disk so i can read them on pc EriC^^: I'll have to try to find the xrandr info I got from that. I remember the first time I used xrandr I had to google it like a mad man. :) ok np EriC^^: You know how to open a terminal in Ubuntu? Press Ctrl+Alt+T and enter your password. Then, type: sudo apt-get install xrandr See kostkon: i use a different xorg.conf for sleep and brightness kostkon: do you know what could cause an external screen to have a black band on the left side of it? EriC^^, ok, well it would be this thanks, my laptop has both, one at 1680x1050 and the other at 1560x1080 nicomachus, which driver are you using? kostkon: nvidia 331 as per kostkon's link. EriC^^, ok, what's the problem then? i tried to set the 1680 one first, but it didn't work kostkon: so, it doesn't think my external screen is 1680x1050 kostkon: i set the brightness and the contrast to a really low value, i can never use my laptop with those settings nicomachus, your best bet would be to use nvidia-settings for that



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Download Buku Ppdgj Iii Pdf Files [April-2022]