The Zlagboard Pro is the right hangboard for all performance levels from beginner to professional. It offers all kind of grip shapes and sizes and can accompany climbers throughout their entire climbing career. On the legendary contest edges, you can measure your strength level and compare yourself to climbers from all over the world.


While training on the Zlagboard you will benefit from the knowledge of some of the world’s best trainers, who have designed the training programs for the special requirements of different fitness levels. One set of workout plans is by Patrick Matros und Dicki Korb, the authors of the bestselling training handbook Gimme Kraft.Another set of plans are made by Duncan Brown form Australia (athletebychoice.com)

The Zlagboard is the first device that allows you to follow a structured training schedule in an uncomplicated way. The exercises are intended to train finger and upper body strength as well as body tension. Detailed statistics give an overview of the performance and output curve. Patrick Matros, Dicki Korb and Duncan Brown have developed the first set of training schedules. More plans are coming from Eric J. Hörst (trainingforclimbing.com).

Pro Plans: The Pro Plans have been developed specifically for progressive workout, leading you through an intensive training over a period of one to three months. The program designers, Patrick and Dicki (Gimme Kraft), Duncan Brown (athletebychoice.com) are professional trainers. Many world class climbers trust in their know-how and experience.

Workouts: The workouts are single training units that have been designed specifically for each board. They demand your full physical effort and are ideal for burning off energy from time to time. The workout sessions are an optimal addition to regular climbing on rock or in the gym.

Custom Plans: The custome plan feature allows you to design individual workouts. You can define the training series yourself, choosing holds, hang and pause times as well as exercice repetitions and rest times. Up to 20 workouts can be saved, retrieved and edited.

Hold shapes and sizes

The hold shaping was done by Jacopo Larcher, strong and talented pro climber from Bolzano, Italy.